Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Bake: Muesli

This morning it's all about "no bake." I've combined muesli (raw oats etc) with greek honey yogurt (healthy goodness + cultures and pro biotics) for a pretty good breakfast. I had no idea that I'd like the nutty flavor. I've been reading up about "raw foods" a way of eating a friend told me about. Ayurveda (from an article and self quiz in the Yoga Journal). This last month has made it impossible for me not to be more aware of what I'm eating. You know, those messages from the universe? It's always nice when you have to wait to flicked on the head to wake up and smell the coffee and change your habits. I'm not saying I'll never bake cookies, or muffins... I'm just making some new habits too.

Muesli is extremely easy to make and I think it beats fast food and the local coffee hut hands down.

(You can find both ingredients at Sunflower market)

Combine and let sit for 5-10 minutes, then eat.


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