Saturday, February 12, 2011


Orange smoothies
Orange smoothies are bursting with bright orange deliciousness. Like a summer day in a glass.


Bring the charm of coffee houses home and save a boatload of money. Sipping drinks that aren't on the menu puts you in control of the ingredients. Smoothies bursting with orange goodness and hinting of vanilla, sweet and sour frozen lemonade, fairy tale sips and creamy Nutella cocoa are sure to wake your taste-buds up.


Apple, Carrot, Orange Juice  (Yum!)
...really good, so I wanted to share the recipe with you.

Banana Cupcake Smoothie
Yogurt goodness...

Frozen Fruit Smoothies
I poured the pretty-purple-goodness into a reusable travel mug and breakfast was ready "to-go!"

Orange Smoothie (Yum!)
Have you ever had an "Orange Julius" at the mall? These are not quite the frothy goodness, but they taste "fresh squeezed."

Peanut Butter & Blueberry Smoothie (Yum!)
Long ago and across town, there used to be a crêperie that made crepes to order. One option was peanut butter and blueberries...


Cranberry Sprite (Yum!) a two-tone rose petal.

Frozen Lemonade
This drink can make hot weather doable. Lemony iced-goodness!

Snow White Light
...I learned about soda fountain drinks I'd never heard of like Black Cows and Snow White.


Hot Cocoa Mix (Yum!)
The grocery store has been out of the cocoa mix that I like, so instead of buying brands I don't like I thought I'd try making my own mix.

Hot Cocoa Mix (Dairy Free)
This version gives you the choice of what milk you want to use in your hot cocoa. I'm pretty sure you could use soy, almond, hemp, coconut, etc.

Iced Tea (To Go) (Yum!)
Homemade iced tea is kind of a grass-roots thing we can do to make a smaller footprint AND drink more water. Win-win! Go you! Go us!

Nutella Hot Chocolate (Yum!)
Keep this recipe in mind for a snow day!

Thyme Tea (Hot Lemonade)
Added lemon to thyme tea and sweetened to taste.

White Hot Chocolate (To Go)
On a winter morning putting milk to heat on the stove, combining fresh ground nutmeg and cinnamon  with Guittard white chocolate chips is comforting and worth the few minutes it takes.

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