Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Orange Smoothie (Similar to Orange Julius)

Cookbook Bites: Orange Smoothies
Creamy Orange Smoothies
Have you ever had an "Orange Julius" at the mall? Click here to learn more about them. It all started with an OJ stand in 1926...

Orange Smoothie

12-14 ice cubes
1 C Vanilla Silk or organic milk (Note: regular milk is fine, but if you're whipping up one of these beauties to fight a headache,* you might try avoiding milk with hormones in it, it's possible that could be part of the problem.)
1 C Water
1/2 Can orange juice concentrate (to taste)
1/2 t vanilla (optional)
1 T sugar

Add ingredients to the blender, and blend, then pulse the blender until mixed. Allow to blend for a few extra seconds to smooth out the ice chunks. This makes enough for 2 generous servings.

Recipe by Suzanne Nikolaisen

Note: If you like fresh orange juice, my husband, Eric, created a recipe to use with a juicer: Apple, Carrot, Orange Juice. It's a great blend of flavors and fresh juice is so good! Have you ridden the Soaring Over California ride at Disneyland when they spritz orange in the air as you go over the orange groves? Or zested an orange? Wow... orange-y!

*Update 8/19/15 - This is one of our go-to's to fight migraines. Not medical advice by any means, just something that seems comforting.

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