Friday, August 31, 2012

The Chocolate - a dessert cafe

"The Chocolate" cafe is located in a cute old house on 9118 South and Redwood Road in West Jordan, Utah. I've driven past it a few times and have been meaning to stop. Today I ran home to pick up my daughter after school and we went there as a special treat, for after-school snack.
There are pretty gardens, and even a few roses, that lead up to the front door--which has stained glass (a good sign, of "charming"right?) You order at the front desk when you enter, then find a place to sit and they bring you your order.
Charming is a good word to describe this little cafe. There are several rooms, each set up with dining spaces that are cozy and welcoming. I loved the little details like the flowers on the mantle--and how clean it was!
We decided to share an eclair and a piece of cake with a cup of tea. The desserts were very good and it was a nice place to chat and pass a rainy afternoon.

9118 South Redwood Road
West Jordan, Utah  84088
801 566-5330

Have a nice evening!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about our cafe! We are glad you enjoyed it!
    The Chocolate

  2. You're welcome! (And thank you for the neat little cafe!)


  3. This place sounds amazing, and we're not too far away from Utah either! By the way, I stumbled upon your blog by clicking on a random "Next" button on Blogger, but I'll definitely come back! :-)



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