Monday, September 10, 2012

Pear, Brie & Sliced Almond Grilled Sandwich

Silver Lake, Utah
Silver Lake, Utah
Because I'm not a food stylist, I wanted to share some pictures with you of Silver Lake that I took yesterday. It really is a beautiful place.
Silver Lake, Utah
Silver Lake, Utah
A couple of weeks ago I bought a wedge of brie with the intent to make some lovely, melty brie and pear sandwiches for my family. So tonight my daughter went out to eat with a friend and my husband was like "why would you mix those ingredients?" So, this scaled down nicely to a serving for one. It was melty and subdued compared to a grilled cheese made with sharp cheddar. The pear slices were perfectly ripe, the almonds that fell into the pan toasted and brought a nutty flavor to the sandwich.

Pear, Brie & Sliced Almond Grilled Sandwich
5-6 slices of Brie (with the rind trimmed off)
1 pear (cut into slices)
1-2 T sliced almonds (optional)
2 slices whole wheat bread
1/2-1 T butter

Butter one side of one of the pieces of bread and place it butter side down in the frying pan. Cover the bread with slices of pear, then add the slices of brie, and sprinkle with almonds. Butter one side of the remaining piece of bread and place the bread on the sandwich butter side up. Turn the stove on medium low. Allow the bread to brown, then before flipping the sandwich "pin it" together by adding toothpicks, pushed through diagonally from the corners. This will hold the sandwich together. Flip the sandwich to allow it to brown on the other side, and for the cheese to melt.

Recipe Source: I've seen this all over the place. It's just another version of a grilled cheese. :) This is how I made it.

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog via the Hive. I'm also a local blogger at and I would love to invite you to our annual blogger cookie swap this Friday. All proceeds go to a great non-profit striving to end world hunger called Why Hunger. It's also a great way to get to know more bloggers in the area. Hope you can make it. Here are the details and how to buy tickets.
    Hope to meet you in person soon! Until then, happy cooking! - Becky

  2. Even some smelly old chedder cheese would be lovely against this background.

  3. You're welcome. I hope your sandwich turns out good!

    - Suzanne



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