Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Chocolate mint sandwiches
Chocolate mint sandwiches
Recently I came across some yummy looking cookies on Pinterest; Andes Mint cookies. I couldn't find any Andes Mints at the store with the exception of Christmas peppermints, so I grabbed a box of Fernwood's Chocolate Mint Sandwiches and gave the receipe a try. 
Cookbook Bites: Chocolate Mint Cookies recipe review
Chocolate Mint Cookies
Chocolate Mint Cookies
1 box of Devil's Food Cake mix
1/2 C oil
2 eggs

After Baking
1 package Fernwood chocolate mint sandwiches

Combine the cake mix, oil and eggs. Drop by spoonful on to cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 8 or 9 minutes. The cookies will start to crinkle a bit when they're done. Take the cookies out of the oven when done. In the meantime I cut the mints in half. As soon as the cookies are out of the oven, depending on the size of the cookie, put 1 to 2 mint pieces on each and wait 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes are up take a spoon and spread the now-melted chocolate around.

Recipe Source: Andes Mint Cookies from Six Sisters' Stuff


  1. These were pretty good in a "boxed" cookie kind of way. I thought they were the best once the chocolate mints had cooled down. Let me know if you try to make them and what you think. :)



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