Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Waffle Maker Brownies

A lot has been going on. I was laid off about two weeks ago (I'm a web designer), we're finishing up remodeling our kitchen and last night I broke out the waffle maker and a package mix of brownies to see if I could make some brownies sans oven (which is arriving on August 8th).

Cookbook Bites brownie made in waffle maker with Cool Whip
Cookbook Bites: Brownie made in the waffle maker.

There's a secret to making brownies with a waffle iron. To give you fair warning, the batter and the subsequent brownie doesn't just behave like a waffle. When it looked done, I tried to lift out the brownie, but only chunks lifted out, and many little brownie pieces were left behind.

Waffle maker and brownie after cooling.

The Secret to Waffle Brownies? It Takes Time.

Let the brownie cool down before removing it from the waffle iron.

Update 9/14/15 - Note the waffle mix may vary your results. I had a problem with the mix I tried last night. It didn't work very well at all.

With the last bit of batter, the secret was revealed. It turns out that it's a lot like making brownies in the oven. Let the brownie cook until it's starting to turn brown around the edges, which takes a little longer than I expected in the waffle iron (high altitude), just keep an eye on it and don't leave the waffle unattended. (Let them set up for a couple of minutes before you start trying to see how it's going by lifting the top of the waffle iron.) When the edges have browned the waffle should "look" set up. Turn off, and unplug the waffle maker. Leave the waffle in the iron and let it come to room temperature. Only when it's cooled down do you remove the waffle, and only then will you have a lovely waffle brownie... at least that was my experience. They turned out more like a brownie cookie, crunchy, but a nice treat with Cool Whip.

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Suzanne Nikolaisen's Art
Samples of art by Suzanne Nikolaisen (me) listed on Etsy.
Since the layoff, I've been selling my artwork opening an Etsy store: Suzanne Nikolaisen Art. Prints of my art are also for sale at the Pizza Studio in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

I hope you're having a fun summer!

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  1. Chocolate with cream, the best taste ever. Taken me to the seventh sky.

  2. Yeah, these were really good! :)



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