Thursday, May 27, 2010

"The Cupcake Tree"

I'm having a wheat free week, so Cocoa Krispies, while good, are not exactly home cooking to blog about. Here's a little poem I wrote instead.

Updated 2015 - This little poem is part of a collection available on the Kindle.

Teapot from the Cupcake Tree illustrated by Suzanne Nikolaisen
Teapot from The Cupcake Tree collection
of poems written and illustrated by
Suzanne Nikolaisen - $2.99 on Kindle

The CupCake Tree & Other Silly Poems for Silly You

The sweet and magical cupcake tree, branches loaded with ripe cupcakes, is one of the silly poems in this delightful collection to read with your children. Colorful illustrations of lollipop flowers, cuddly bears, a snowman in the sun, and more highlight the collection. Some poems are pure silliness while others like The Cupcake Tree are simply sweeter. Join the tickety-tockiting clock, razzleberries, the singing roosters, and crickets cricking softly in a book of poems perfect to read at bedtime or on the go. 

The Cupcake Tree
I love you
Like a cupcake tree
A rainy day
A summery sea

I love you like
A hug hello
A good night kiss
A skipping stone

I love you like
A chocolate kiss
A kiddie pool
A starlight wish

I love you like
The morning sun
Barefoot toes
& on and on...

If you want to see an illustration of the mythical "Cupcake Tree" on page 9.

The Cupcake Tree & Other Silly Poems for Silly You
Written and illustrated by Suzanne Nikolaisen
Kindle $2.99

(Note: If you're looking for cupcakes you might want to read up on The Sweet Tooth Fairy.)

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