Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cranberry Sprite

While we were out running errands today we stopped by a home improvement store where I saw a paint sample that looked like a two-tone rose petal, which coincidentally enough this drink looked like too. Valentine's Day is apparently on the brain. 
When I got home I made a cranberry sprite. I didn't intend to blog about it, but it turned out kind of Valentine-y...
...and pretty.

Cranberry Sprite
2 C ice cubes
Sprite (or Sprite Zero)
Diet Cranberry Juice

Fill the glass with ice cubes. Then fill the glass half full with Sprite. Fill the rest of the glass with cranberry juice. This can be a diet drink or not, to suit your tastes. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. My daughter has been drinking Cranberry Sprite for a long time. She has me and her sisters hooked on it also. Very refreshing.

  2. It's neat that your family enjoys this together! I agree! It's very refreshing!



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