Sunday, July 4, 2010

Book Club: The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

I recently came across a "foodie" book club in a another state--the thing being, I don't live in the south and can't make it to the meetings. So what do you think? Should we give a book club a try right here? I'm not suggesting we pick up a cookbook and read it cover to cover (on second thought, let's not rule that out!)
If you like to cook, think morning trips to the farmers market are just as fun as an afternoon run to the library, that smelling fresh nectarines in the fruit aisle is akin to paradise--then hopefully you'll feel at home with a friendly group of like-minded readers and a comfortable blend of "food meets literature."

Book Club:  The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious - and Perplexing - City

"Like so many others, David Lebovitz dreamed about living in Paris ever since he first visited the city in the 1980s. Finally, after a nearly two-decade career as a pastry chef and cookbook author, he moved to Paris to start a new life. Having crammed all his worldly belongings into three suitcases, he arrived, hopes high, at his new apartment in the lively Bastille neighborhood. But he soon discovered it's a different world en France." - (Image Source: Book cover from

How to Participate: Simply buy or borrow the book listed for the current month and read it, then post a comment to that month's book club blog post sharing your thoughts. I hope you'll comment even if you don't finish reading the book. Feel free to post more than once per book club post if you have thoughts you'd like to share.

The Reading List
Please remember to come back and post your comments about The Sweet Life in Paris!

Happy reading!


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