Friday, December 31, 2010

Food Journaling

I know it's cliche, it being the first of the year, but I'm ready to start a new journal - let me clarify, a "food journal." A food journal?!? I know, it seems a little obsessive, right? It's actually more the awareness about what I'm eating that's the name of the game. Not your average "Dear Diary," more along the lines of tracking what I eat.
I found the solution to my not-so-mainstream journaling with a print-it-yourself fitness journal. I hesitated rather than running right out to buy it. I'm a designer and could make my own, but my husband suggested I buy it rather than adding another project to my list. So I downloaded the Move More Eat Less (MMEL) Fitness Journal for $14.99. The journal tracks before and after photos, measurements, goals, food, exercise, and journaling (feelings). Read more here.
I did start moving more this week by hitting the lap lane at the swimming pool near my house with my daughter, and I invested in a water bottle. I've printed and assembled the aforementioned journal and am ready to start.

Are you setting any goals or resolutions this year? I hope you'll comment and share. Here's to your success as you dig into your goals!

Happy New Year!




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