Friday, November 12, 2010

Pop Tarts II

Have you wondered, as a "foodie," what the best possible mode of transportation is for your iPod, or or cell phone? Have you considered a toaster pastry?

My daughter wanted to make these, and knew how to put them together, so we headed to the craft store and the rest is history. What flavor are these Pop Tarts, er, toaster pastry pockets? Cherry! Red sprinkles with cherry filling on the inside; extra padding to protect your electronics not to mention added cuteness.
(Don't miss the other Pop Tart recipe, the kind you bake. Mmmm!)

Toaster Pastry Device Pockets
2 pieces of light brown felt (pastry)
2 pieces of red felt (cherry filling)
1 piece of pink felt (icing)
Red beads (shaped like sugar or sprinkles)
Embroidery floss (pink and light brown)
Embroidery or thin tapestry needles

Place your electronic device on the fabric and cut about 1/2 - 1 inch around it on each side. You will need to cut out 2 pieces of brown felt, 2 pieces of red felt and 1 piece of pink felt.

Sketch your icing shape with pen or pencil on to the pink felt. Make your sketch a little big so you can cut around the "sketch" on the inside so there's no outline from the sketch showing. Next sew the "icing" (using pink embroidery floss) to one piece of brown felt. Using same color floss sew on the "sprinkles."

Trim the red felt about 1/8th inch. Center the red felt inside the brown felt then with the brown floss, sew together the edges of 3 sides of your "pastry" (the 2 long sides, and 1 short side, to create the pocket). Try to catch the edges of the red felt as you sew, to secure the layers together. The brown felt will cover the filling as it is sewn closed. Last of all, "finish" the edges at the top that aren't sewn together, for the "look" of a pastry (see photos above).

Enjoy sans calories!



  1. i think this is awsome, and i going to try it out

  2. These were fun to make and have been fun to use too! I hope your project turns out great!

  3. Oh I saw these on Etsy- if these are yours then fabulous job because they look just like the ones I saw! Sooo cute! I need your knowlege of embroidery thread I think :)
    I thought you might have gotten rid of this blog, but I am glad you didn't.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and thanks for the stuff!

  4. Etsy is where we saw them too, and yep, these are the ones we made. I'm usually better at tangling embroidery thread, but Em lead the charge and we got them put together!

    Hope your holidays were fun!



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