Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sick: Part 2 - Pho Ga

Since I'm breathing out of my nose now and starting to feel better, as promised, here is what the soup looked like:

5 things I learned:
  1. Contemplate: "Are you in the mood for cinnamon, ginger, and clove flavored chicken soup? Or did you just want a Ginger Snap?"
  2. Follow the recipe.
  3. Don't use ground spices, only whole spices as shown on Wandering Chopsticks.
  4. Don't substitute Raman for other noodles.
  5. Don't try a new recipe while fighting a head cold. You can't even taste it properly.
If you want the recipe, please use the link I posted in the previous post. I had no mint, but I did have spinach, that's what you can see swimming around with the green onions. I think Pho is sort of like a palette to add good stuff to. Kind of like a baked potato. You know, the toppings make it shine! I think I'll have to try this soup at a restaurant to see what it was really supposed to taste like.



  1. Well, at least it looks pretty :) You should have just cooked the soup you made me maybe, huh? "Live and Learn" - such a wise saying. I also like, "Keep Moving Forward"... I like that one even better... it really annoys my kids when I say it to them.
    You are hinting it wasn't the best soup you made, right?

  2. Yeah. I this wasn't a "Whooo-yeah!" Success moment. :)



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