Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey friendly, what do you think?

Sugar cookie baking at my mom's in 2005 with Gma Mumford's recipe.

Valentine's Day is coming, and yep that means being thoughtful and sweet, so here's a fun way to be sweet to yourself! Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in with this little "Cookbook Bites" questionnaire inspired by Proust's Questionnaire. Use it to journal, blog, scrapbook, or even to ponder on some pleasant thoughts - if you feel like sharing some of your answers, please comment! I'd love to see what you think, and I might just be brave enough to post some of my answers too!

Cookbook Bites Questionnaire
Pick and choose questions you feel like answering. This is so not going to be tough!
  • Your favorite recipe:
  • Your favorite recipe name (for the name alone):
  • Your favorite blossoming fruit tree:
  • Your favorite blossoming vegetable:
  • Your favorite thing to make and send to a friend:
  • What do you appreciate most about the people you cook for:
  • Your main fault when trying a new recipe:
  • Your favorite apple color:
  • Qualities you require in a ripe tomato:
  • Qualities you require when choosing a watermelon:
  • Your favorite quality about a farmer's market:
  • Your favorite thing about your own garden:
  • Your favorite thing about cooking:
  • Your favorite kitchen tool:
  • Your favorite cookbook:
  • 2 cooking links I may not know about:
  • Your favorite chef:
  • Your favorite food when you were young:
  • Your favorite fruit and vegetable:
  • Your favorite main dish:
  • Your favorite dessert:
  • Your favorite cooking shows:
  • Your favorite cooking heroine:
  • Your favorite cooking hero:
(C) Cookbook Bites

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