Sunday, January 31, 2010

Honey Bees in the White House Garden

There's a honey bee hive nestled in the White House garden. Take a 2-minute tour of the garden with cute Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies (I love what he says about the bees!) and Sam Kass, White House Chef.
Time to start planning our garden, a very good winter activity. I'm still on the path to becoming a good food gardener. I'm really good at growing radishes and sunflowers...
...the rosemary appears to have survived and likes it where it lives under a tree. I wonder when our espalier apple tree will share apples? It's a beautiful tree, and my mom's been helping me sort out how to keep it pruned. She's totally smart about sorting out happy gardens.
Squirrely cherry-picks all low growing food like strawberries, tomatoes, and the fallen apples from the neighbors. So, longer days (more sunshine)? Check. Still cold? Check. It's time to sketch the garden!


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